Portfolio Management

Fidelity Finance Company Limited Portfolio Management arm is primarily responsible for managing a collection of large volume warehoused stocks and equity on behalf of organizations and high net worth individual clients. We will monitor your investments and provide timely account reports detailing the performance of your portfolio.
We have advanced knowledge and understanding of the local and international economies as well as the Nigerian Capital Market. This knowledge gives us an edge in attaining our objective of achieving the required returns for our clients at minimal risks.

This arm of the company analyses market dynamics and guides clients' investments towards achieving set financial targets in the long term. Our emphasis on research enables us make informed decisions and enhances our ability to consistently deliver favorable returns on investments.

This arm of the company works closely with our clients to identify their goals before determining the appropriate strategies to match their needs. All clients are assigned a fund manager to administer and monitor their funds, provide feedback and other forms of support.

Share valuation is one of our portfolio management features. However, valuation is a complex and sometimes controversial subject. It requires in-depth understanding of the company, its competitors and the market in general. It demand§ to understand and interpret financial and non-financial information, as well as factors such as the legal and regulatory environment.

Our valuation group has deep understanding of all aspects of valuation and broad experience in valuing shares, businesses, and intangible assets. We provide valuation insights to our clients in various situations such as mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, for tax purposes, and for regulatory and financial reporting purposes. We bring the commercial perspective to bear in disputed valuations.

FFCL has developed its service to help shareholders with the management of their securities and more especially the valuation of their portfolio. We are experts in valuing stocks, shares and have a dedicated team that provides comprehensive valuations for any purpose thereby saving our customers valuable time.

We provide market prices for all investment securities Including:

  • Equities
  • Corporate Bonds
  • AIM-listed Companies - (Alternative Investment Companies
  • OEICS & Unit Trusts PLUS listed companies - (Open-ended Investment Companies)
  • Gilts & Corporation Stocks - (Government Bonds)
  • Investment Trusts
  • Overseas Equities & Government Issues

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