Fund Management

We design s strategic asset allocation plan for individual clients and create a portfolio line with the strategic asset allocation plan and investment policy. We adopt a value investing approach in a methodical and disciplined manner towards creating a portfolio that will effectively match risk with return. We review the portfolio with the client form time to time in line with the investment management agreement.

Structured Close-end Funds

We seek investors with similar risk appetite and investment returns and pool funds together to give them opportunity of earning higher returns in various asset classes due to the synergy derived from the pool.
We also offer opportunity to the public through mutual funds approved by SEC to invest in chosen asset classes. Our expertise in managing such funds gives the client opportunity to earn sustainable return.


Market Research:

These activities are carried out with the objective of collating data and analyzing information of investment possibilities as well as companies quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in order to further proactively guide and assist clients' understanding of present and future developments within the Nigerian investment world.

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