Chairman's Message

Maintaining trust is more important than ever in today's global business environment. Wherever Fidelity Finance Company Limited (FFCL) operates, we strive to conduct our business in a manner reflecting our core values in stockbroking business. Fidelity Finance Company Limited has numerous systems in place in order to help ensure that our business practices and operations are consistently effective and responsive. We are committed to achieving this through integrity and sound corporate governance.
Today Fidelity Finance Company Limited is recognized as the preferred stockbroking firm amongst others because of the services that we offer to our existing, potential customers and our business partners worldwide. These services include the following:

  • Stockbroking Services
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Portfolio Management
  • Fund Management/Investment Services
  • Issuance of Bonds on behalf of various Governments
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Stock Market Research and Share Valuation

We strive to maximize the value we bring to our customers, business partners and stakeholders alike through efficient and effective stockbroking service operations. We have efficient human resources who handle technical issues regarding the various investments. Meanwhile, we have expanded our businesses to areas like placement of buy and sell orders through our website, 24 hour services call, and lodgment of cheques directly into your bank account. We believe these enterprises will provide opportunities for the future and will enable you live well in your retirement without struggle.

The complexities of businesses in a global economy create challenges for companies striving to operate in an effective and socially responsible manner. Thus we focus on our key proficiency to engage more effectively in the market. Openness creates opportunities for dialogue with our customers, business partners, stakeholders and employees. We maintain corporate transparency and conduct ethical business practices. Such would enable awareness of emerging problems and fast resolution turnaround, hence greater efficiency. Lastly, I would like to thank all our invaluable Customers, Principals, Business Partners and Employees for their continuous support in realizing our vision and goals.

Thank you and looking forward to having YOU on board with Fidelity Finance Company Limited.

Osa Osunde, FCS, FCT I,F.lod

Executive Chairman